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Home » Products » Educational Trainers » Fiber Optic Trainers » Physics of Fiber Optics Trainer

Fiber Optic Trainers » Physics of Fiber Optics Trainer

Physics of Fiber Optics Trainer


Physics of Fiber Optics Trainer Features:

PHYSICS OF FIBER OPTICS TRAINER is designed to learn basic physics of fiber optics including fiber end preparation. Students can also study the construction of transmitter & receiver to form analog & digital link. Ample number of experiments can be performed with this kit by referring to the exhaustive manuals provided with the kit.

List of Experiments:

  1. Light traveling around corners in an Optical Fiber
  2. Coloured light traveling down an Optical Fiber
  3. Photo detector detecting light
  4. LED output as a function of a current
  5. LED shining light into
  6. Transmission of light between two fibers
  7. Transmission through a gap between fibers
  8. Fiber Optic transmission sensor
  9. Fiber Optic reflection sensor
  10.  Measuring Losses in the fiber
    • Measurement of propagation loss in the Fiber
    • Measurement of connector loss
    • Fiber bending loss
  11. Measurement of Numerical Aperture of Optical Fiber
  12. Setting up of Fiber Optic Analog Link
  13. Setting up of Fiber Optic Digital Link
  14. Setting of Fiber Optic Voice Link.
  15. Switch Faults Study
    • Effect of switch fault 1 in function generator section
    • Effect of switch fault 2 in audio pre amplifier section
    •  Effect of switch fault 3 in signal strength section
    • 15.4 Effect of switch fault 4 in audio amplifier section


  • On-board Function Generator.
  • Transmitter : 1 No.
  • Receiver : 2 Nos
  • Fiber Optic Analog Link.
  • Fiber Optic Digital Link.
  • Signal strength indicator.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Transmitter                               : 1 No. LED. Peak wavelength of emission
    635 nm Red visible.
  2. Receiver                                   : 2 Nos. silicon photo detectors
  3. Modulation                                : Intensity modulation.
  4. Driver Circuit                              : Analog and digital configuration  for 635   nm LED
  5. Analog Bandwidth                     : 35KHz.
  6. Digital Bandwidth                      : 50KHz.
  7. On-Board Function Generator     :
  8. Sine Wave &TTL Square Wave   :
  9. Frequency Range                      : 1Hz to 10Hz, 10Hz to 100Hz, 100Hz to  1 K H z , 1 K H z t o 10KHz
  10. Amplitude                                 : 0 to 4Vpp. (Except Square)
  11. Voice Communication                : Fiber Optic voice link using dynamic MIC &SPEAKER
  12. Signal strength indicator             : 8 LED's provided to m e a s u r e o p t i c a l power.
  13. Fiber Optic Cable                       :
  14. Type                                          : 1000 micron Step Index, Multimode     Plastic Fiber
  15. Fiber Lengths                             : 1&5 Meter.
  16. Power Supply                             : GND, +5V, +12V, -12V at100mAINT.


  • Red Short Links : 10 Nos.
  • Crocodile Links : 02 Nos.
  • Plastic Fiber 1 Meter (with connector) : 01 No.
  • Plastic Fiber 5 Meter (with connector) : 01 No.
  • N.A. Jig&N.AScale : 01 No. Each
  • Connection Sleeves (Splicing unit) : 01 No.
  • Microphone : 01 No.
  • Speaker : 01 No.
  • Experimental Manual : 01 No.
  • Mandrel : 01 No.

Other Apparatus Required:

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope20MHz


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Educational Trainers & Teaching Products - Physics of Fiber Optics Trainer


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