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Home » Products » Educational Trainers » Microwave Test Benches » Gunn Microwave Test Bench

Microwave Test Benches » Gunn Microwave Test Bench

Gunn Microwave Test Bench

Gunn Microwave Test Bench-6

Gunn Microwave Test Bench Features:

The Microwave Test Benches are precision made microwave systems, which use standard type rectangular wave-guide components to illustratethe essential elements of this field for study.

The equipment consist of :

  • A selection of wave-guide components
  • The power supply for the microwave source
  • A detector
  • A meter, which monitors the detector output
  • Wall Chart
  • Microwave Components Chart

These Training Benches are completely self-contained & provide the means to allow students to carry out practical work at extremely low cost. A comprehensive manual containing extensive microwave theory and a progressive series of assignments is supplied with the Trainer.


  • Measure the gain of a waveguide Horn Antenna
  • Study & measurement with Multihole Directional Coupler
  • Study of Magic Tee , The Q & Bandwidth measurement in cavity resonator


  • GPS ----------------------------------------------------------1
  • VSWR Meter -----------------------------------------------1


  • Coaxial W/G Adaptor--------------------------------------1
  • Cooling Fan -------------------------------------------------1
  • Detector Mount---------------------------------------------1
  • D.R.F.Meter -------------------------------------------------1
  • E-Plane Bend -----------------------------------------------2
  • Fixed Attenuator 10 dB------------------------------------1
  • Fixed Short--------------------------------------------------1
  • Gunn Oscillator---------------------------------------------1
  • H-Plane Bend -----------------------------------------------1
  • Isolator-------------------------------------------------------1
  • Magic Tee ---------------------------------------------------1
  • Matched Termination --------------------------------------1
  • Movable Short ----------------------------------------------1
  • M H D Coupler 10 dB -------------------------------------1
  • Pin Modulator ----------------------------------------------1
  • Pyramidal Horn---------------------------------------------1
  • S S Tuner ----------------------------------------------------1
  • Slotted Section----------------------------------------------1
  • Standard gain Horn Antenna------------------------------1
  • Tunable Probe ----------------------------------------------1
  • Variable Attenuator 20 dB --------------------------------1
  • Wave Guide Stand -----------------------------------------4
  • W/G Cavity Resonator ------------------------------------1


  • Mains Cord--------------------------------------------------2
  • BNC to BNC Cable ----------------------------------------2
  • Op. Manual--------------------------------------------------1
  • N type to TNC Cable --------------------------------------1

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