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Home » Products » Educational Trainers » Educational Motors & Machines » Electrical Machine Trainer

Educational Motors & Machines » Electrical Machine Trainer

Electrical Machine Trainer

Electrical Machine Trainer

Electrical Machine Trainer Features:

Electrical Machine tutor/trainer is a CKD (Complete Knocked Down) kit for building various types of machines. It is useful forconstruction of 23 types of different Electrical Machines.

It is useful in giving student confidence & understanding constructional details & functional characteristics of electrical machines. The experience achieved by students, by themselvesassembling various components viz, Armature, Stator, Slipring,Caron, Rocker, Shaft, Pulley, Belt, Dial,..Assembling allcomponents, Fitting & tightening, Connecting with Panel & Starting the system with desired results--this gets confidence instudents & the feel of Industrial products.

Machine Trainer:

Specification of 1HP Electric Machine trainer is given ahead.Electric Machine Trainer is suitable for demonstrating theconstruction & working of DC Motor/DC Generator (Shunt,series & compound) with Interpole, Single phase capacitor runmotor, 3Phase Induction motor, (Sq. cage & Slipring), AC Alternator (Single/Three Phase), Single phase universal &repulsion motor, AC Synchronous Generator. Set will be providedwith metering panel, power supply panel, for 3Phase & Singlephase supply, DC Rectifier panel for DC Motor & DC/AC Singlephase variable supply source complete with common base frame& friction braket dynamometer. Rating of DC Prime mover willbe 1HP, 220V, 3000RPM, & other rating will be according toequirement.


  • · DC Shunt motor without Interpole
  • · DC Shunt motor with Interpole
  • · DC Series motor without Interpole
  • · DC Series motor with Interpole
  • · DC Compound motor without Interpole
  • · DC Compound motor with Interpole
  • · DC Shunt Generator without Interpole
  • · DC Shunt Generator with Interpole
  • · DC Series Generator without Interpole
  • · DC Series Generator with Interpole
  • · DC Compound Generator without Interpole
  • · DC Compound Generator with Interpole
  • · DC Seperately excited Generator without Interpole
  • · DC Seperately excited Generator with Interpole
2) AC MACHINES (Single Phase)
  • · Single Phase 4 Pole, Induction motor Capacitor Start/Run.
  • · Single Phase AC Series motor.
  • · Single Phase AC Generator Rotating Field
  • · Single Phase AC Generator Rotating Armature.
  • · Single Phase Universal motor.
3) AC MACHINES (Three Phase)
  • · AC 3 Phase Induction motor Squirrel cage type.
  • · AC 3 Phase Induction motor Slipring type.
  • · AC 3 Phase Generator Rotating field type.
  • · AC 3 Phase Generator Rotating Armature type.
  • · AC 3 Phase Synchronous Generator Rotating field type.

* This is the Basic model, Advanced models are available on request with a wide range of Advanced Machines & Drives as per your request.

Electrical Machine tutor/trainer is a CKD (Complete Knocked Down) kit for building various types of machines. It is useful for construction of 23 types of different Electrical Machines.

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