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Consumer Electronics Trainers » CD/VCD Player Trainer

CD/VCD Player Trainer

CD/VCD Player Trainer Features:

Communication Trainers

Complete working model of CD/VCD Player Trainer. It gives hands on experience on basic concepts, working of CD/VCD Player.The trainer comes complete with exhaustive manual, accessories, test points, and LED's for indication. The complete circuit is printed on single sided PCB in section wise format, depicting the complete flow of system.


  1. The complete circuit of a CD/VCD player is printed on a single P.C.B.
  2. The digital signal processing section is in assembled open out P.C.B.
  3. Explanation, Observation, Alignment and adjustment of Internal and external possible due to single P.C.B.
  4. Easy identification of different parts and Mechanism at a glance.
  5. Easy measurement of voltage and observation of waveforms at any point.
  6. A manual having practical detail is provided with the trainer.
  7. The whole circuit of the CD/VCD Player is explained sectionwise in detail in the manual.

Technical Specifications :

  1. Power Supply : 230VAC, 50Hz
  2. Function Switches : Play/ Pause, Forward, Rewind, Stop, Program select/ Repeat, Skip Forward, Skip Reverse, Open/ Close, Tracks Select.
  3. Display : Program, Time and Track status display.
  4. Laser : Semiconductor Laser (780nm).
  5. Frequency Range : 5 - 20000Hz.
  6. T.V. System : PAL and NTSC
  7. Audio Output : 200W PMPO (100W x 2 Channels)
  8. Speakers : 2 Nos.
  9. Modulation : EFM
  10. Quantization : 16 bit Linear
  11. CD Format : Audio CD, Video CD, MP3 CD can be played.
  12. Output Sockets : Audio Out, Video Out, RF Out (Channel 2).
  13. Remote Controls : Play/ Pause, Forward, Rewind, Stop, Program select/ Repeat, Skip Forward, Skip Reverse, Open/Close,Tracks Select.
  14. Sampling Frequency : 44.1KHz
  15. Distortion : 5 to 10% for expanded P.C.B.
  16. Controls : Bass, Treble, and Volume.
  17. Test points : 15
  18. Switch Faults : 17
  19. Standard Accessories : 
    1. Video CD -1 Nos.
    2. Speakers -2 Nos.
    3. A manual having practical details - 1 No.
    4. Audio / Video Connecter With Lead
    5. Remote Control

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